If You Are Contemplating Divorce Or Currently Going Through A Divorce


There is a lot to consider when contemplating divorce. I am not here to give you legal advice and would almost always recommend that you consult with an attorney for a legal separation or divorce.  But I do offer financial advice to work with you (and with your attorney if you have one) to help you better understand the implications of settlement proposals.  In determining how to divide assets there is a lot to consider; each asset has different risks, different obligations and potential rewards.  When dividing assets and debts, there are many things to consider, including how much responsibility is realistic to take on, what your needs will be in the next few years, as we well as what your needs may be throughout retirement.

For the Recently Divorced

For over 11 years I practiced as divorce (domestic relations) mediator. In working with partners who were choosing to end their relationship as partners I found many clients struggled to set financial goals and/or to set a clear path to achieve those goals. For someone who relied on their partner to address most or all financial issues while together, it can be a daunting task to become fully educated as you chart your own course.  For those who survived domestic violence and patterns of control (including financial abuse) from their partner, it can be especially challenging to confidently take the reins of responsibility for setting a budget and prioritizing financial goals.

Almost all of us benefit from a second pair of eyes on a problem because we all have our blind spots.  Receiving the perspective from someone who understands the dynamics of divorce as applied to your financial situation can be tremendously valuable.  As a financial advisor, I am here to help you to prioritize your goals as you work to close a challenging chapter in your life and begin a new one. 

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