Retirement Planning

When working with individuals who are starting to think about retirement there are a lot of questions that can come up:

  • When is it time to retire?
  • Am I ready?

For some the answer is clear. But for most there are more questions to ask:

  • If I retire do I risk running out of money?
  • What is the likelihood that I will have enough money?
  • Is it realistic to expect I can pass money on to my children and grandchildren?
  • How can I avoid becoming a burden to my kids? How much travel can I afford?
  • Can I still do some part-time work after retiring?
  • How heavily should I rely on social security and when should I start taking social security benefits?

As part of comprehensive financial planning our team helps to answer these questions. We gather background from you on your situation. We review options with you. And while the decisions are ultimately yours, we provide recommendations on what our analysis indicates will optimize the likelihood of your success.  An individual meeting is the best way to get started. To find out if we are a good fit for each other schedule an initial meeting at no cost: